Educación Clave, meaning Key Education in Spanish, is a project that was launched to promote and support the development of 21st century competencies in schools. The project provides teachers with tools and a systematic evidence-based assessment system to evaluate the students’ competencies, as well as a training programme to equip them with the tools for methodological transformation.

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The project emphasizes the importance of teamwork and pedagogical leadership to drive transformation, rather than resources. It has allowed the extraction of a map of five key competencies, the creation of competency assessment tools and has helped teachers become part of a much larger community of educators who are in favor of innovation and educational change through a teacher training program.

Overall, the Educación Clave project has proved to be an effective initiative to sustain the development of 21st century competencies and enable the teaching team to continuously analyze their strategies based on systematic evidence, and make improvements swiftly.


This project has identified five transversal competencies that are widely recognized by international organizations and featured in curriculums around the world for their social, educational and personal importance. These competencies are Communication, Collaboration, Problem-Solving, Autonomy, and Learning to Learn, and they promote wellbeing, prevent school failure, and improve society.

A shared vision, commitment from the educational community, professionally trained personnel and structures for ongoing assessment and continual improvement are essential to ensure the successful coordination of school transformation that fosters competency development.

In order to foster student competency development, an effective classroom pedagogical approach must be implemented; one that is consistent with the cultivation and continual practice of student competencies.

To determine the efficacy of classroom methodologies on student competency development, rigorous evaluation is essential, utilizing carefully selected procedures and instruments to gather evidence.

High-quality education starts with well-prepared teachers and school administrators. To ensure success, new educational models necessitate innovative approaches to training education professionals.

Results of the project


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Additional resources in Spanish

Educadores magazine with articles by the project partners, Ryan Burgess

(Global Lead for Primary and Secondary Education and TVET, Porticus), Magaly Zúñiga (education consultant who conducted the external review of the project) and others.

For more information about the competency assessment test, please contact Judit Abat at D’EP Institut:

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